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Writing to a person sentenced to death


Many good reasons …

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There are several hundreds of prisoners sentenced to death who, thanks to the Community of Sant’Egidio’, correspond with a lot of friends all over the world. These prisoners are not only in the U.S. but also in other countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Cameroons, Zambia. Some others live in countries such as Russia where a couple of years ago all capital sentences were commuted into life imprisonement.


"...I've been living on death-row for 5 long years. I came here when I was a boy; now I'm a man and I understand much more, but I can no longer do something for my life ...Even if you can't help me to get out of here, you can write to me and be my friends..."

(Dominique, Texas)

"I am a 29-year-old prisoner who has been on death row for 3 years now. I’m looking for a pen-friend to feel less lonely"

(Michael, Florida)

""... your letter took me by surprise. I was more than sure that nobody wanted to write to a person like me, that nobady wanted to talk about things neatly, sincerely..."

(Aleksej, Siberia)



There are many good reasons
to become pen-friend
with someone sentenced to death.

What about you?
Would you like to become a pen-friend
with someone sentenced to death?

If you would, write to me and let me know in which languages you can and/or you would like to write. I'll answer you as soon as possible and send you the name and the profile of a prisoner who would like to get in touch with a pen-friend. If you need further information, please write to me and I will answer your questions. See you soon. 

Stefania Tallei 
[email protected]