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A day in Manombo, with long distance adopted children

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A day in Manombo, with long distance adopted children
26th may 2011

Manombo is a small village near Tulear, a town in southwest Madagascar.

There are 280 children and teenagers from the village who daily attend the soup-kitchen sponsored by international foster care. They usually wait for the lunch under the tamarind trees.

The long distance adoptions mean a lot for the centre of Manombo: a new roof, a new fence, some new tables, and since November 2010 the possibility for children to have their breakfast every day.

In this region life has been really hard in the last time because of little rains and therefore very little farming. Without the soup-kitchen, there would have been nothing to eat for the children.

The distribution of the school items, bought thanks to the international foster care, was the occasion for a beautiful party with all the families.