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Unterstützung der Gemeinschaft

10 Juli 2008

Zim crisis could affect Moz

2008-7-10 18:19
Maputo - A key architect of the peace deal which ended Mozambique's 16 year civil war said on Thursday the country's fledgling democracy could be endangered by the crisis across its western border in Zimbabwe.

"We are concerned that the political crisis in Zimbabwe could affect democracy in Mozambique," Andrea Riccardi, the founder of the Italian organisation Sant Egidio, told reporters in the Mozambican capital Maputo.

Thousands of Zimbabweans have already fled east to escape an economic meltdown in their homeland and Riccardi warned many more would follow if post-election violence escalates further, potentially destabilising the delicate political balance in Mozambique.

"Judging by the countries' geographical position, Mozambique will be obliged to provide solutions if a worse situation like a war breaks out and this could threaten its own democracy," Riccardi said.

Riccardi, in Maputo to celebrate his organisation's 40th anniversary, said he was concerned by Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's intolerance of critics.

The Italian said Mugabe played a significant role in brokering peace between Mozambique's warring Renamo and Frelimo parties which halted their conflict in 1992 with the signing of the Rome Accord at the head office of Sant Egidio.

"I knew Mugabe through our negotiations between Renamo and Frelimo to end 16 years of civil war in Mozambique and his contribution was very good, but now he seems to have changed so much,' said Riccardi after holding talks with Mozambican President Armando Guebuza.

"We think the opposition politicians in Zimbabwe have their rights and they need to be respected," he said.

Zimbabwe has been hit by growing political violence since a disputed first round of presidential elections in March.

5 Januar 2018

Sant’Egidio: Besuch von Alfano im DREAM-Zentrum für die AIDS-Behandlung – „Ihr seid unsre Botschafter gewesen und habt die Träume in Wirklichkeit verwandelt“

IT | DE | PT
22 Dezember 2017

In Teilen der Welt ist Wasser das schönste Weihnachtsgeschenk: eine Zisterne für die Gefangenen von Nakuru

IT | ES | DE | FR | PT | CA | NL
19 Dezember 2017

Eine Delegation von Sant’Egidio trifft den Präsidenten der Afrikanischen Union Moussa Faki

IT | DE | FR | NL
1 Dezember 2017

Weltaidstag, Sant’Egidio – heute müssen Frauen in Afrika noch mehr behandelt werden

IT | DE | PT | NL | HU
21 November 2017

Mosambik: 100.000 Kinder wurden durch BRAVO! registriert

IT | ES | DE | PT | NL | RU
15 November 2017

Konferenz mit Erzbischof Matteo Zuppi zur 25-Jahrfeier des Friedens in Mosambik mit einem Blick in die Zukunft

IT | ES | DE | PT
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24 Februar 2018

A spasso per Milano aiutando l'Africa

19 Februar 2018

I 50 anni di Sant’Egidio. Intervista a Chiara Turrini, impegnata in Mozambico

10 Februar 2018

50° Sant’Egidio: Gentiloni (presidente del Consiglio), “dalla condizione dei più deboli si misura il benessere autentico di una società”

24 Januar 2018

Sviluppo. Alfano: «La Cooperazione è tornata al centro dell'agenda politica»

19 Januar 2018
Famiglia Cristiana

Europa e Africa, un destino comune

8 Januar 2018

Alfano chiude missione in Africa al centro ‘Dream’ di Conakry (sant’Egidio)

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