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Prague Daily Monitor

27 Dezembro 2011

Prague archbishop dines with the poor at Christmas

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Prague Archbishop Dominik Duka started the Christmas dinner with wishes of peace and quiet in soul and a blessing for the homeless, elderly, disabled, people in need and those at the verge of society Sunday.

The Christmas dinner was staged for the 14th time by the Sant'Egidio community in the Archbishopric Palace at Prague Castle.

Duka toasted champagne with those present and assured them of his help.

Roughly 200 guests met at the Cardinal Beran Room. It was the second Christmas dinner for Duka in the post of Prague archbishop.

He clinked a glass of champagne with the guests and shook hands with all of them.

"I wish you quiet and peace in soul, inner calm and reconciliation," Duka said.

"If there is need, look for help in order to feel parts of society that should think more of you and help you," Duka said.

Members of the community gave the gift of a photo of their dinner with the pope to Duka.

Volunteers from the Sant'Egidio community were sitting at the tables among the homeless, providing entertainment, while others were distributing food.

All the guests received a Christmas present.